Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So pepperlandgirl4 has been here for 7 hours now. So far, I've satisfied her Trader Joe's craving, subjected her to my favorite Kane song (after giving her the 2 CD's), already launched into fangirl talk about Wes and Angel and Faith and the new Buffy comics, argued over the Star Wars movies (which has happened more than once in chat already, lol), and now I'm torturing her with Pop Idol Christmas music. An excellent day all around. :)

I had my guitar lesson today, and Scott decided to ignore everything I've been working on and go back to bar chords. Which I've been kind of hoping to ignore for a little bit longer since our last foray was less than successful. But now I have no more excuses. It's all he wants me to work on. He went over the 4 key grips and wants me to be able to form them all with ease by next week if not be able to get a clean sound. In fact, he doesn't care about the sound too much until I'm 100% comfortable with the positioning. My hands are going to be killing me by next week, lol.

Other than that, not a whole lot accomplished today. I have 1500 words so far of chapter 8 of Soul done, and I really want to get it up to 2000 before I go to bed, but pepperlandgirl4 keeps distracting me with chat. Which is not a bad thing. And is one reason why I wanted to be so ahead because I don't feel hugely guilty for not getting done. Tomorrow, we're going to start on our revisions for Chase and I'm baking for Alex's birthday on Thursday. Oh, and I'll be posting chapter 3 of Soul. ;)
Tags: guitar, life, writing

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