Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Our internet was out for most of the day again. AT&T was around testing our line and modem again, because it dropped out on us over the weekend again, and Craig called to get them to expedite the issue. Turns out it's the modem, which requires us to get another one. So, I'm updating while I can, because until Craig gets a new one (and fingers crossed he brings one home with him), I risk it dropping out without notice. *sigh*

On the fanfic front...I'm going to start posting my new fic on Wednesday. I have 5 chapters done, and I imagine #6 will be done by Wednesday. Writing plot comes so much faster for me, lol. Anyway, it's called A Soul to Seduce, and is a heavily plotted, AtS S5 ensemble piece. It will have Spuffy in it, but it's also going to have Wes/Faith and Lindsey/OC. And drama. Definitely.

The inlaws arrive tomorrow. They're here for 2 1/2 months. Enough said.

Other than that, the original writing front is going strong. My vampire 3some book is practically writing itself. I have 13k already in the 12 days since I started it. Considering I've also written alomost 18k on the Spuffy fic in that same time period, I'd say things aren't going too badly right now, lol. Did the cover art questionnaire for Price of a Tattooed Soul, and everything is rolling merrily along.

And now, it's off to dinner. Hopefully the internet won't fail me tonight. :)
Tags: family, fic, life, writing

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