Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A week of bounty!!!

Well, I had already long ago deemed today a good day. I got my Steve Carlson Xmas CD, I got a Christmas card to go with it, I practiced on Delilah and was able to do chords because my finger doesn't hurt nearly as much today as it did yesterday, and...

Liquid Silver wants to publish the book I submitted to them two weeks ago!!! Woo hoo!!!

I've been really hoping that they'd want it because I had such a fantastic experience with them with Under a Rogue Moon. This one is called Price of a Tattooed Soul, and is another paranormal, surprise surprise. It actually began life as a 12k short story I wrote for Linden Bay's Halloween anthology, Witches Night. When sadbhyl read it, though, she was very honest with me. As the editor, she wanted to accept it. As one of my writing partners, she thought I should follow my gut and expand it. So that's what I did (and wrote the short sequel to Two Lives in Waltz Time in its place). What resulted took a little bit longer than my usual to finish (about 10 weeks for 75k), and it probably heavier on the romantic side than I originally thought it would be, but I quite like it. I like it so much, I even have ideas for the cover art, which I *never* have.

What an absolutely fabulous month this has been. You know, I think I've been truly blessed this year. I have no idea what I've done to deserve all this. :)
Tags: writing

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