Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Phew. Finished chapter 3 of the new Spuffy fic. Though I don't think of it as strictly a Spuffy fic. In fact, the way it's writing so far - heavy, heavy on plot, and light on ships/internal conflict - it's feeling like the closest I'll get to writing episodes of AtS S5. I think because the basic plot starts with stuff that happens in S5, takes lots of little threads, and then runs with them. And because it's such a heavy ensemble piece. Spike's only had 1 small scene so far in nearly 12,000 words. That will change, of course, but there's so much that has to happen first...

Guitar yesterday went okay. I had jammed my left index finger making Thanksgiving dinner, so it's been sore for days now, which meant I skimped on playing chords of any type. So yesterday was all about fingering and strumming. My right arm is too tense, apparently. I need to relax my strumming. Gee, I'm tense? Who'd've thunk it? ;)

So now I'm off to eat lunch and do my daily practice. Isn't my life thrilling? ;)
Tags: fic, guitar

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