Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Odds and sods

Thank *god* Halloween is past. There is *way* too much fricking candy in my house now. Both kids came home from school with stuff, then we took them to the local shopping center where they always do trick-or-treating for the kids. We weren't going to take them out in the evening, but then Allie from across the street came over to ask if Alicia wanted to walk with them, so Craig ended up taking both of them out. They did our street and the next one down, and were gone for almost *two* hours. And I can't even get any more candy into their plastic pumpkins now, and there's still two bags left over from what the neighbor brought over for them. Oy.

I also went to the dentist this morning to get my permanent crown put on. It fit properly this time, thank goodness. No more going back until January!

I'm deeming my first month on Weight Watchers a success. I lost 10 pounds in total, and am on a steady decline. Exercising on the elliptical is still happening at least 5 nights a week, so that's good, too. I'm going to sit down soon and plan out the menu for our small Thanksgiving to make sure it's as WW friendly as I can get it. That's my best chance of continued success. Planning is everything.

Craig leaves for India tomorrow. He'll be back on the 17th. I'm focusing on how much I'll get done while he's gone and not the fact that he's leaving. I've done a quarter of the reading I need to get done by December, but there's still another 16 books to go. And I told Craig that I'm making getting all the outgrown kids' clothes sorted and ready to try and sell on Craigslist. I'm trying that before ebay. I won't get as much money for them, but it'll be a hell of a lot easier and right now, I just want it gone.
Tags: diet, halloween, life

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