Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The randomness of my life

I love scales. Does that make me crazy? I love the rhythm, I love the fingering, I love everything about them. I even skipped ahead to find out other scales to learn. I think what it is, is that I much prefer fingering to strumming. It makes going back and practicing chords hard, lol.

Halloween is speeding up for us. We have a party tomorrow, two parties Saturday, each child has a party Tuesday, then a party in town Tuesday afternoon, and then trick-or-treating on Tuesday night. I'm fighting to get other stuff done.

I tried a new WW recipe for dinner tonight. A mushroom/leek/wild rice stew that gets done in the slow cooker. But the leeks completely overpowered the recipe, and I just don't care for it at all. Guess who's having salad for supper? :P

Craig made me watch Stealth last night. Tell me why again why I don't try harder to talk him out of movies he really wants to see?

Speaking of Craig, he leaves for India a week from today. He'll be gone until the 17th, which screws our plans for going to NC for Thanksgiving, but oh well. I'm anticipating getting a lot of stuff while he's gone. I have to. I have 25 books to read for the EPPIE's by December 5.
Tags: diet, guitar, halloween, movies

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