Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So so quiet...

So Craig is off from work until next Wednesday. And Alicia is off because of teacher conferences. So my darling husband has taken both kids out for the day, to the Oakland Zoo and then biking, leaving me with an empty house and all the time in the world to write and get things done. And he did it without me asking. Men like that are hard to find. :)

Today seems to be a day for canvassing. It's 10:30 and already we've had 3 people come to our door trying to sell something. First religion, then realty, and this last one was a politico. I think I'm going to stop answering the door and just hide upstairs in the office. I can already see two new faces heading their way up our street from here.

I learned yesterday that my left hand isn't quite ready for 2 hours of guitar practice in a single day (not all at once, 2 half-hour shifts scattered through the day, and then an hour while the kids ate and then calmed down after dinner). It *hurt* so much when I finished that last practice. On the plus side, however, the first verse of "Yesterday" is now my bitch. :)

I'm going through all my files and such to find all the ficlets I haven't posted on LJ yet. I'm going to be posting them sporadically so that I can get them in my memories, so don't be surprised when you see more of these show up. There's a few LAS entries from the last time I did it, and a Joyce ironfic story. Plus, in order to keep the fic muscles working (and to practice on writing shorter stuff), pepperlandgirl4, sadbhyl, mydeira, and I are giving each other weekly prompts, so those will start showing up here, too. And yes, I will be starting my new Spuffy story some time in November. I'm trying to finish my book first, though, and I have a ton of reading to do for LLGA and other stuff, so I'm putting that off until I have more time on my hands. But it'll come. I promise. :)
Tags: guitar, writing

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