Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My feet are in love.

This past weekend, Craig and I went to the Beverly Center (a mall in Beverly Hills) in LA to kill some time. We were walking by a Skechers store when a kids shoe caught Craig's eye, and he went in, wondering what they might have for him. I went in with him, and when he started taking forever trying to decide what he wanted to try on, I started looking around. Now, I have only ever been in a Skechers store once in my life and that was with my brother-in-law last year when they came to visit. I have a tendency to be cheap when it come to shoes, because generally speaking, I hate wearing shoes. There they are, my country roots. I don't wear them at home, I don't wear them outside half the time (around my house, obviously not out in public), and as much as I love cute, I'm all about comfort when I *do* have to have to wear them. So honestly, I've never paid attention to a Skechers shoe ever.

Until Saturday.

Ohmigod, so many cute styles. So I succumbed and picked out three to try on. The first fit how I thought they would - OK, but not worth the price for me. The second pair, though...oh my god. I don't think I've ever worn a more comfortable shoe. And the third pair was almost as good. So I bought those two.

I wore the bike shoe yesterday. I didn't take it off *all* day long. I don't *do* that. But honest to god, I forgot they were on my feet; they were *that* comfortable. And cute enough still that when I got on the dentist chair, the second thing out of my dentist's mouth was, "Oh, those are the cutest shoes!" lol You have no idea how tempted I am to go back and buy other colors. I *am* going to our local shop this weekend and taking Alicia and Alex, though. I think I'm hooked, lol.
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