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Ah, the pretty...

So, we're back in the hotel. And because Craig is too good to me, I've already seen my pictures that he took of the concert tonight. Is there anybody reading this who doesn't know I was going to see Kane tonight, lol? Well, we did. We had dinner with _jealousy_ and veggiebelle, and then walked down to the Whiskey A Go Go where we met up with icemink. The queue wasn't long at all when we got there so we were close to the front, so we stood outside for about an hour before they started letting people in (they were running late).

James Leary opened with a comedy routine, though...comedy is probably generous. I love Leary, but really, not some of his best work. Still, it lightened the mood, and then the opening singer came out, a young guy named Jason Manns who was too pretty to have any real talent, I thought. I was wrong. The boy can really sing. I'm kicking myself I didn't get his CD, but I was in such a fog afterward that it slipped my mind.

Then Steve Carlson came out for a little bit with Jason before Chris Kane finally emerged. And ah...the pretty. We were right up against the stage, so I got plenty of ogling time, but really, I just love the material. They did almost all my favorites (I would have loved to hear In the Darkness, but they did The House Rules which is fast becoming another fave so I'll forgive them for the lack of the other, lol). Chris was having a little bit of difficulty remembering some of the lyrics a couple times, but his energy and just good humor about it all made it all negligible. And really, he got back into it so fast that it didn't matter. It was *so* much fun. And did I mention the pretty? The boy has got lashes that are completely unfair to all those women who struggle every day to get longer lashes, lol.

You can see the pretty if you want. I've managed to upload a couple of pics to share tonight. :)

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