Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bad Sigrid didn't work out tonight. Two reasons. One, we leave tomorrow at noon for the airport and I'm frantically trying to get stuff done in time. Second, PG&E showed up tonight to check for a gas leak. Guess what? We've got a major leak which requires a brand new line to be put in under the house. Can I say I'm glad we rent? Fortunately, the leak doesn't affect us, other than the fact that I've been paying an extra $50 a month to pay for it. The leak is in the line that goes from our house to the inlaw house on the property, so the inlaw house is devoid now of gas. Oops.

Alex has a cold. I feel a little guilty about going to LA this weekend, but he's still energetic and excited about spending the weekend with our friends, so Craig has told me not to worry. I'm distracting myself with thoughts of the pretty and getting to hear CK and Steve Carlson live.

Only 48 more hours... :)
Tags: life

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