Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Lesson #3 under my belt. Today was about rhythms and I picked up 3 more chords even though I still can't wrap my fingers around C, lol. I was practicing various rhythms switching between chords, and oddly, I did much better when I looked off to the side than when I was reading the sheet music. Then Scott started playing a melody behind my chords and it was almost musical. He was teasing me for actually enjoying practice because most people just want to get to playing and want to blow off the practice part, but after I explained I found the repetition calming in my chaotic life, he agreed and said it could be very meditative. Overall, good lesson. :)

I'll be posting the last Beg chapter tonight before I go to bed. I hope people are satisfied with it. I went for realistic responses because I hate forcing things, and I quite like it, but then I'm weird. :)

OK, off to finish the chapter on my novel. Be back tonight. :)
Tags: guitar

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