Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Craig worked from home today. Totally threw off my schedule. Of course, having him grab me at lunchtime made up for it.

Guitar lesson yesterday was great. Scott said that I'm moving along really fast and we ended up doing a little bit more than introducing me to the A, D & E chords. When I showed him how I was learning individual notes and that I was picking out melodies, he showed me proper picking technique and how to most effectively practice that. Then he decided it probably wouldn't keep me busy this week (he very quickly pegged me for a perfectionist, lol), and gave me G & C chords to learn and practice. The hour I spent practicing last night killed my left hand, though, lol. Today, I could only get half an hour, but tomorrow should hopefully be back up to an hour again. Craig has to go into the office, lol.

God, my show got even better. They brought in Craig Bierko, who I absolutely adore. Now I'm all torn about who to love more, him or Spader. Spader probably wins because of sheer longevity. And Armin! Craig is complaining that they're dragging out this murder trial, but if it keeps Armin on my screen, that's OK by me.
Tags: boston legal, guitar

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