Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Welcome to my life...

Life continues to be good and productive. Week one after joining WW, I'm down 3 1/2 pounds with an easy routine to follow firmly in place. Plus, I got on the elliptical every night last week except for the day I went to the dentist. Another nice side effect is that in my effort to make sure that I'm getting my 48 oz of water every day, I've cut down on how much soda I'm drinking. I'll never be able to cut it out completely (just ask sadbhyl or psubrat what a bitch I am in the morning without Diet Mountain Dew to wake me up), but the lowered intake can only be good.

A decision has been reached about the inlaws coming for Christmas. See, Alex's birthday is in early December and Alicia's is in early February, and we knew all along that they would arrive in time to celebrate Alex's. The question was how long they would stay. That has an answer now. They're not going until Valentine's Day, so that they're here for both birthdays. It's only fair to Alicia, and this way the grandparents don't get cheated, either.

Craig and I are nearly caught up on all our TV watching that I'd been saving in his absence. All we have left is all our CSI's. Well, not all. We watched the premiere of Vegas over the weekend. But we have two movies from Netflix that I insisted on watching, mostly because I'd had one for nearly two months. Can I say how much I adore Terrence Howard? I'd rented Hustle & Flow because of his Oscar nom and that damn song I can never get out of my head, and he blew me away. Now there's a young man with a brilliant future. And so pretty!

And tomorrow is guitar lesson day! Woo hoo!

Have a great day, everyone!
Tags: christmas, diet, life
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