Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I have comments to respond to, but I'm going to do that tonight. I just got back from dropping the inlaws off at the airport for their return to England, which means in 2 days, I'll be making another trip to SFO to pick up Craig. Woo hoo! The company is forcing him to take a week off in mid-October, so we're going to get a mini-break. We're thinking of going down to LA, because I kinda sorta wanna see Christian Kane at the BE Scared con. We wouldn't go for the whole thing, but they're selling day passes and he's only supposed to be doing stuff on Sunday. We'll see. I know I'm crazy for even thinking about it. Of course, Craig has it in his head he wants to do a huge Halloween party for Alicia's friends and our friends. Not being home has pushed him into wanting to be as social as possible. I don't think he realizes how much work that is, lol.

Two days!
Tags: life

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