Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Saturday night on the QM

Turns out I didn’t miss *too* much with the commentary last night on Harsh Light of Day. There were technical issues that made it far less than ideal, so I’m not upset I didn’t see it.

However, getting to the screenings after the concert was *so* worth it.

First, they showed three five-minute segments of “Shadow Puppets.” It’s definitely a horror movie, but two things stood out from the clips we saw. One, James looks younger in it than he did on Angel, which only makes me wonder even more who the hell was lighting Angel in season five, and two, he’s got humor in it which lightened tenser moments. I genuinely laughed at his first clip which had some good one-liners. Jolene Blalock looks like she would annoy me through the whole movie, but still, I think I’d see it. Hell, I’ve watched James do a lot worse. ;)

Then, they showed his audition reel from Star Trek Nemesis. That was when he was up for the role of the younger Jean-Luc Picard. It was done November 2001, and can I say? As soon as he stepped onto the screen, it was Spike. Patrick Stewart was in full ST costume, with a semi-real set used as background, but for whatever reason, James auditioned in a wife-beater and that pimp necklace he loved for so long. It just looked really wrong. James seemed pretty good in the audition, but half his schtick totally seemed like Spike; I’m convinced it was his clothing’s fault.

Then they showed the ASH pilot of “Him & Us” again since some of us missed it this morning. I can see why the show wasn’t picked up, but god, ASH looked good in it. His hair longer, all glammed up. He was definitely the best part about the whole thing. I can hear Sadbhyl drooling now.

Afterward, I went and hung out in Yani’s room again and stayed up for far too long talking. Have I mentioned how much I love doing fangirly talk with these girls? I love them to death, and this kind of environment is the only kind of place I get to see them. It’s such a shame.
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