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James' Q&A and bits

I am a bad, bad fangirl.

I went to the JM Q&A this afternoon at 2. Got some good pics (I think) and remember...some of it. The problem when I take pictures is that I don't hear what he's actually saying, lol. Some of the bits I *do* remember:

- Someone asked if he'd go blond again, and he said sure, enough time had passed. He'd done his stint in brown hair with Milton Fine so he felt he could do the blond if he had to again.
- When asked if Nina was only introduced to Angel on S5 to divert Angel's attention away from Spike (ha!), he laughed and talked briefly about her stint on the show. Then he turned around and asked the audience if the fact that we all got off on the idea of Spike/Angel was the same as men liking watching lesbians. There was such an uproar of laughter and agreement that James died and said, "I learned something new today."
- Some smart women asked him about reverse sexism and why he and the writers weren't worried about promoting men falling for bad girl types like Faith and constantly fussed about Spike. James was pretty much caught out on that one, lol.
- When asked what his most memorable dream was, he admitted he doesn't remember them, which he knows is a bad thing.
- If someone were to play him in an authorized James Marsters biography, he'd pick Joaquin Phoenix.
- He was asked how they picked the name for his son, and he talked about how he wanted a simple name you couldn't screw around with, but he and his ex-wife settled on the name they did after watching the Burns' Civil War documentary.
- If he had a month of no commitments and could do anything he wanted, he said he just wanted to be stranded on a desert island by himself so he could have the luxury of getting bored.
- There was so much talk about Shakespeare that it all blurs. And I don't seem to recall that much of it was new.
- He talked about being a rebellious teenager and how his band, called The Vandals, really were vandals of a sort. They liked to break into places, the harder the better. They didn't take anything and the biggest challenge was to make sure nobody had ever known they were there. Like breaking into churches, but treating it with the utmost respect. They also used to graffiti this one wall in his high school with quotes from Thoreau or the Dalai Lama, simply because they thought they were being smart. They liked being able to taunt the PTB about being forced to wash off the Dalai Lama, like that was such a bad thing and subversive, lol.
- Unfortunately, there was no talk about upcoming projects. I have no idea how he's spending his time these days.

He looks very good. Very trim, a little on the thin side but not nearly S6ish. Though, his hair is longer and he has these strands that keep slipping down and there's a group of us that keep wanting to push them back, lol. He wore a short-sleeved white shirt with dark casual pants, which was a bad choice on his part. Well, bad for people taking pictures, lol. There was a big screen right behind him, so the white on white was not great for definition sometimes.

So anyway, I left afterward because I didn't want to listen to Mercedes and figured I'd come back to the lobby and get some editing done. No big deal, right? I was writing up what I could remember, chatting with pepperlandgirl4, and started feeling really, really sleepy. So I figured I'd go lie down for a little bit.


I fell asleep.

For over 4 hours.

By the time I woke up, less than 45 minutes ago, I'd missed Jane Espenson's Q&A, the screening/commentary of Harsh Light of Day with James, Jane, and Mercedes, and the first half of the dinner tonight. So I'm now sitting here in the lobby, waiting for stuff to get done so I can go back down at 10ish and watch more of the screenings. They're supposed to show ASH's pilot again and James' audition reel from Star Trek Nemesis, among other things.

So I'm a little annoyed with myself. Both for missing out on some of the fun things I wanted to and because I know others would have liked to hear about them. Oh, I did get one really nice comment today. hollydb introduced me to this lovely woman who likes my writing, and after talking to her for a little bit, she asked me if I was a college student, too. I practically hugged her, lol.

ETA: Like I said before, I'm not going to be able to post any pictures until after I get back home Monday night, so likely not before Tuesday. My camera refuses to talk to my laptop, so I can only view them on my camera, so asking me to post pictures repeatedly is unfortunately a waste of your time. I can't. There's nothing I can do about that. Sorry.
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