Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

More from the QM

You guys are going to be so sick of me by the end of this weekend, lol.

Registration was painless. And better, James has new pictures. 3 of them. All in a tux. Full length, half length, and a head shot. Very, very pretty. I was annoyed because they're giving away free signed guitar picks to the gold people who register today and wouldn't let me buy one. I even own a frickin' guitar now! I want one! Somebody then offered to trade her pick for my dinner tonight and I just laughed. I don't need a pick that badly, lol.

Even more exciting was seeing so many familiar faces. And I get the chance to meet hollydb later for the first time, which I'm excited about. I have 2 1/2 hours before the private cocktail party starts, so that means 1 1/2 hours to hang around and work before I go get dolled up. I bought a new dress for this thing. I'm such a girl. :)

My camera won't talk to my laptop, so any pictures I take tonight and this weekend can't get shown until next week unfortunately. But I have a brand spanking new camera to play with and I plan on taking it. I just have to remember to breathe and use it when the man is in the room. ;)
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