Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, I'm here on the Queen Mary, sitting in the main foyer because this is the only spot where there's wireless. I can see me spending a lot of my down time sitting here, lol. I drove down yesterday and had a very productive seven hours of thinking. Got tons of plotting done for the next project with pepperlandgirl4, though after discussing some of it last night, realized that a few bits weren't going to work. Still, we have a hell of a lot more than we did before so I'm pleased. I think I might even have my block gone for Beg, too, though I have to go back and re-read some bits to make sure that what I have in mind will still work. I hate it when I screw up on my plotting logic. It completely throws me.

I did get to see xionin and denny_dc briefly last night, and I've already had a nice, though too brief, visit with vampgaia and VioletSpike (are you on LJ, hon?). We're going to sit together tonight at the private dinner and thing with James, so at least I won't be alone. That's the hardest part about these things. I'm so naturally shy that I struggle to not end up spending the entire time alone. It helps when I have a couple familiar faces to latch onto. :)

So I have just under three hours until registration starts, and I'm sitting here hoping to get some writing done. You'll be seeing a lot of me this weekend, I think. :)

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