Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My inlaws land in 3 hours, so they should be here in 5. Craig ended up getting home very late last night, but picking up his parents today means he'll be home tonight. And with his mum here making him feel guilty, he's less likely to work. God bless mommy guilt.

In light of the wreck of my head, I'm trying to redirect myself into stuff that doesn't exacerbate my issues. My new book is one of those; I finally found a new title for it that has completely inspired me to work on it. It's called "Price of a Tattooed Soul."

I had the next Beg chapter almost done and hit a major plot problem, so I'm in meditation mode trying to sort it out so that I can continue. As soon as I do, I promise, I'll get it up as soon as I can.

I've had this overwhelming urge for the past month to learn how to play guitar. I have no idea why. Anybody play? I already play piano, and I played flute in junior and high school, so I know music basics. But guitar never interested me until now. And I'm thinking giving myself something like this to distract myself while our lives are in such upheaval might be a really good thing. Tips? Advice? Am I crazy?

Oh look! I even have a CK icon with a guitar! *pets the pretty*

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