Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A few things...

1) Huge, massive THANK YOUs to psubrat for the wonderful surprise in the post yesterday. It came at a much needed time for distraction, and Craig is just excited about it as I am, so big squishy hugs to you and SoccerRef and Boo for thinking of me.

2) You caught in my last post about my life being stressed, right? The one thing we've managed to delay is Craig's going to India. He's going to NC instead, which means I don't have to travel alone with the kids to see my mom and sister. The downside is that we're leaving this weekend, Saturday, we think, though that could happen on Friday, too. God, 3 days away and I can't even tell you for sure when we're leaving; *that's* how topsy turvy everything is right now. We do know that we'd be returning on the 22nd, and I'm taking our satellite Verizon card in order to be able to use my laptop online there. I won't have to hog my sister's computer that way, lol.

3) Because of the topsy-turviness of the past 4-5 days, there won't be a Beg update tomorrow. I just don't have time to work on it. I'm not entirely sure there will be one on Sunday, either, simply because that's likely to be the first day me and my kids have seen my mom in 4 years. So...priorities, and unfortunately Beg has to take a backseat.

4) I've spent my morning updating LLGA (all caught up, woo hoo!), and I've decided I want a new layout for it. Usually I hit up inxsomniax for it, but I know she's been super stressed and uber busy lately. I use Iframes for LLGA (because it's so much easier for me switch designs and update), so I'm wondering if there's anybody out there who'd like to take a stab at coming up with something pretty and new for it?

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