Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I still haven't responded to Beg's last chapter. I suck. What's even worse is that I won't be able to update this Sunday, either. All that stress with Craig's job and everything has made things very tense around the house, and I just cannot find the time to focus on it. The one bright spot is that maybe he won't have to go to India. He's been sweet-talking the woman at the client whose project is about to go kaplooie, convincing her he'll be more effective with her than in India. The upside to that is that she's in Raleigh, NC, only an hour and a half away from my mom and my sister. Which makes visiting them infinitely easier and cheaper. Of course, that also means there's a very good chance I'll be leaving next week for 2 weeks, but I won't know the status of that until Monday.

Other than that...nah, I got nothing. I'm busy around the house, busy with keeping the kids under control, busy trying to stay on track with eating better, you :)

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