Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A few things in the life of me:

1. Craig's work is a nightmare right now. He pulled an all-nighter last night so I made him stay home and work from here today because no way was I going to let him drive to work on an hour's sleep. There's a very strong possibility he'll be going back to India, too, which doesn't please either of us. He's all stressed. And when he's stressed, I'm stressed. I just have to stay focused on the things I can control.

2. Watched Just Married yesterday to indulge my latest Christian Kane obsession. Hate Ashton Kutcher with a passion, but guh, CK is pretty in it. Now I have to figure out what to watch next.

3. Will respond to comments on the latest Beg chapter later today. I have errands and shopping to get done first this morning.

4. The upheaval of pepperlandgirl4's life is putting me into massive withdrawal.

So if I seem a little...disjointed lately, that's why. All the people I care about are under tons of stress, which I always end up mirroring even when I don't want to or know I shouldn't. So I'm wishing good thoughts to everybody out there, because really, when you're happy, I'm happy. Honest. :)

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