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Two posts in one day! Oh my god, the world is going to end, lol.

It's been a surprisingly productive morning. Finished the Beg chapter for tomorrow, cleaned my kitchen, finished the laundry, and am currently about to fix lunch for the kids before treating myself to the next Buffy episode in my replay of the series. I'm on Restless. I'm not hugely looking forward to it. And yes, I think this puts me in a minority in the fandom. It just doesn't work for me on a lot of levels. However, my obsessiveness forces me to watch it, and any commentary that might come with it, before I can continue. At least I get to see Spike in sunlight. Oh, and Giles singing exposition is lovely, too.

Craig's Ipod arrived in the post today. Turns out he won it in a random drawing for participating in some survey he found online. Lucky guy.

My CK obsession continues unfortunately. I moved that stupid Ashton Kutcher movie to the top of my Netflix queue so it will get shipped to me today to watch. I'll do it in the middle of the day tomorrow so as not to subject Craig to my obsession, lol.

Can I ask a question? How do people feel about the various virtual seasons that have been done since Buffy's cancellation? Have any of them actually been completed? I know the AtS one - No Limits, or something like that - was done, but I found my interest in that waning after about a third of the way into the season. I think part of it is, while I do occasionally read slash, I don't get emotionally invested in it as I have difficulty buying into it character-wise 9 times out of 10, which is why I stopped with the AtS one. Maybe it was because I was more invested in Buffy, too. Given Buffy or Angel to watch, I'll always choose Buffy first (unless it's Smile Time, Lineage, Billy, or a very small handful of other AtS eps that I adore).

I find myself considering doing a virtual season more and more these days. I know that there have been a few group endeavors started, like Three Deep and Soul Survivor, but I'll be honest. Neither grabbed me and demanded I read them. I think the sporadic updating works against me, too. I have such little time for reading these days (because I still insist on reading everything nominated at LLGA *sigh*), that I need to be seriously invested in something to pursue reading it outside of that. Or be able to rely upon it. Which both of those series failed to do for me.

There's another side of it, too. Someone asked me way back before it started to write for Soul Survivor and I said no. I'm a control freak. I hate not having complete control of the story (though I've somehow managed to give a little on that with pepperlandgirl4 in our collaborative efforts, go me!), and if I was going to invest in a virtual season, I want it to be mine. OK, that makes me greedy, too. :)

But the idea of 22 individual episodes with plot and an over-reaching arc, going on with the lives of the characters I love? Oh yeah. Makes me salivate. Scares me, too, but god, the potential there.

OK, enough rambling. Off to fix lunch for the kidlets.
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