Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I have been absolutely useless today because of the heat. How do people work in this? We escaped at noon to a matinee of Cars, came home to our oven of a house and Craig decided to go out then for a hunt for air conditioners. Surprise, surprise, nobody has any. Sears had two window models left, so even though we can't use a window model properly, we bought one. Now we're waiting for it to cool a little bit.

So I've done close to nada all day. I have about 1500 words more done on Mercy (the Wes/Faith fic I started posting this morning), but I have to finish the scene I'm on before I can post it and I'm not sure my brain is up to working on it tonight. I can't even chat to distract myself because stupid YIM isn't working. *kicks Yahoo*

Oh well. At least the Beg chapter is done for posting tomorrow.

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