Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I. Am. Exhausted.

The party went off splendidly, as did everything else over the past two days. Craig will be leaving to catch his flight in a couple hours, and then I'm on my own until Wednesday. I want to sleep until then, I think.

Craig's been on a weird kick lately. Our tax guy doubled our refund for a very nice chunk of change, so Craig has been looking at new tv's and the like. That got him onto a kick about getting a sectional and replacing our two couches. So today while we were out, we went and looked at some. Found one we loved, then came home to measure and find out that it's too big. In fact, because of the layout of the room, we probably can't get a sectional at all. Which meant Craig had me help him redo the furniture in the living room for the next hour until he found something he liked better with what we do have. I thought women were the ones who were supposed to have the decorating bug, lol.

But, other than a birthday party I have to take Alicia to tomorrow, life should be relatively calm and quiet for the next few days. Hopefully that means I'll get lots of writing done, including the next Beg chapter. pepperlandgirl4 has started the process on getting the book we wrote together out there for print consideration. We're going the agent route, which is a long and boring process, mostly of waiting. However, there's already teeny tiny nibbles of interest based on our queries so fingers crossed those turn into stronger interest. In the interim, I think I finally found the hook I need for the sequel to Chains of Jericho, so I've started in on that, too. I really wish I could write 24/7 so that I could get out everything I want. I know I have to make choices about priority, but I really hate that. I need a siphon on my brain or something.

Oh well. Off to relax for a bit before Craig leaves and then I crash for the night. Hope everybody is having a nice weekend!

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