Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Various tidbits from the oh so boring life o' mine this week:

1. Finished the book I've been writing with pepperlandgirl4. I just have to do the edits on the last two chapters, and then next week, we start the process of trying to sell it. We're going for print with this, which will be interesting. But we're both in love with the 'verse we've created, and our main characters, and have at least 3 more books planned after this one with these people. Now we just have to sell it. :)

2. Alicia lost her first tooth this week. It happened to school and apparently it got stuck poking backwards in her mouth while she was eating lunch and she got a tad distressed. Her teacher is wonderful, though, and got the tooth out as well as calmed her down. Alicia's been very fortunate to have her this year.

3. Have stupidly volunteered our house for the softball team's end of season party next weekend. When will I ever learn?

4. My wedding anniversary is next week, but Craig and I have no idea what we want to do.

5. Absolutely not surprised by the winner. Taylor was never in the bottom three, and he amuses people. I'm completely uninspired by his win, though, and will not be buying the album. Hell, I got a bigger thrill last night seeing Chris and Ace, lol. And I was excited about Meatloaf until he started singing. He was really off. But...meh. Another season over. Now I just have to wait until next year, lol.

6. Alex wants me to pull out all his teeth so that he can get money like Alicia did. *sigh*

7. I keep finding marbles in Alex's underpants. Don't ask.

8. We had a slight earthquake last night. 3.2 and centered only a couple miles away. Felt like somebody dropped something large and heavy on the house, and that feeling of sliding sideways is never fun.

And how sad is it that I can't even think of 10 things to put in this list?

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