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Two Lives in Waltz Time

I was reminded last week that I'd forgotten to mention another recent release of mine with Linden Bay Romance. Actually, I have a small confession to make. I didn't forget. I wasn't sure anybody would be interested in hearing about it. See, I took the basic premise from one of my Spuffy stories and wrote a new novel based on it. Not reworked just enough to make it original and changed the names. Pretty much rewrote 80% of the whole thing from scratch, eliminated the vampire aspect, and cut one of the subplots (because it relied on the vampire aspect). But because the original concept is still the same, I didn't think anybody would be interested in hearing about it, especially since there's no Spike in it. Well, I've been poked a few times about not mentioning it, so here I am. Mentioning it. And people can stop bugging me about it. ;)

It's called "Two Lives in Waltz Time" and it's based on the original premise for "Rhapsody in Oil."

Art restorer Maddy Cardinale loves her job. In fact, the only downside to working the night shift at her prestigious New York museum is fellow restorer Cash Vinci. As charismatic as they come, Cash is the most confident man she has ever known. He’s also handsome, sexy as hell, and determined to get under her skin, no matter what the cost.

When an unusual painting arrives at the museum, neither of them anticipates the magic unleashed by a fleeting touch of the canvas. Suddenly, Cash and Maddy aren’t in their workshop any more. They are both dressed to kill, plunged into the alternate reality of the posh 1940’s nightclub portrayed in the painting. Even worse, the couple learns all too quickly that the club sells more than drinks, and the only reason Maddy doesn’t have to offer more than a dance to the male clientele is because everyone believes she is engaged to Cash.

Dependent on one another as never before, the pair must work together in order to unravel the spell that has them trapped. Vengeful ex-girlfriends, jealous mobsters, and surprise enemies drive the couple into each other’s beds and hearts, sharing secrets as well as passions. The only question is, will they survive long enough to admit their true feelings to each other? Or will their dance be cut short?

For those people who read the original, the plot veers fairly drastically from the original about halfway through, with new twists that weren't in Rhapsody. There's new relationships as well, since Cash has a sister that plays a major role. But Gino is still around. Of course. I love the big lug too much not to have him in the story (plus he was mine so I got to keep him, yay!). And like I said, no vampires, though it is paranormal because of the magic aspect. If you're interested, there's an excerpt of the first chapter available at Linden Bay (where you can buy it, too, if you want).
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