Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Another day of rain in my little corner of the world. That meant Alicia's softball game was rained out - again - and the kids are stuck inside with me. We will be running out to Safeway this morning, but that's going to be it today. I have to get ready for Craig coming home tomorrow. Speaking of...

Craig's coming home tomorrow! Woo hoo!


OK, my enthusiasm aside, I owe huge thank yous to danaid_luv for bringing random moments of joy to my week. Every time I see one of those post cards in the mail, I squee and my kids think I'm crazy. :) And just for you, as an expression of my gratitude for having you as a friend, give me a prompt of something you might want to see fic-wise, and I'll write a little ficlet for you. Something up to 1000 words long. :)

And my inner fangirl is jumping up and down about the announcement this week about James' event in LA in September. OK, my outer fangirl did some jumping too. And maybe some excited squealing. Now I just have to be on the lookout for details. And be ready to pounce. :)

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