Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Apparently, Craig has a new management plan with his team and the Indian team. See, the reason he's out there is to foster good will because they are all convinced they are going to get fired when they're really, really not. So he took a large number of them out for dinner tonight and sat and ate and drank with them for 5 hours. He messaged me this afternoon, a little bit drunk, to tell me of his new plan. He calls it MBWA. Management by Wasted Assholes.

Anyway, he gets back on Sunday. We're halfway there. :)

Besides that, life trudges along. Alicia got a glowing report card back saying she's surpassed all the kindergarten expectations already. I spent most of my evening saying to Alex, "Get off your head," and I gave in to temptation and we had McDonalds for supper.

Is it any wonder I retreat into stories? :)

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