Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The only thing good I've found out about softball practice on Wednesdays is that the whole family gets McDonalds afterwards. We've had two weeks in a row of drizzly, wet weather, and Alex and I are nearly miserable by the time the practice is over. At least they were on the tarmac last night instead of the grass. Alicia would've been a muddy wreck if they'd practiced on the grass. No reason for everyone to be miserable.

I'm in a mild state of annoyance at the moment. Life is crazy, no? For me, for the kids, for Craig especially. Woke up this morning to discover that Craig pulled an all-nighter for work *and* he's going in to work a full day today. I hate the idea of him driving when he's tired. Hate it. Can't budge him, though, so he's gone off to get gas and Starbucks and he's promised to bring some back for me and the kids for breakfast before leaving to pick up the guy he carpools with. No, this doesn't mean I can be bribed with Starbucks to forget a fight. Well, it helps. But I'm still annoyed and I'm going to be worrying all day.

Such sad news yesterday about nandibble. I only knew her through the fandom and reading her fic for LLGA, but I know she was important to a lot of people. My condolences to everybody. I know her absence will leave a hole in many lives. *hugs*

Also spent yesterday completely replotting the climax of my book. Wrote half the next chapter and realized it wasn't working. Well, I realized it wasn't working when I was writing it, but it was a matter of keeping on plugging at it in hopes it was just my imagination. It wasn't. It sucked. But the good news is that the way it's replotted, it's only 4 chapters instead of 7. Let's see if I can finish this before having to go to Texas next week, shall we?

And now I'm off to try and get my day going. Alicia came down in the middle of the night with nightmares and doesn't want to go to school, Alex is...being Alex, and I really need to take a shower. Have a good day everyone!

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