Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Life continues to slow by tiny increments. I got my second round of edits back, and there is nearly nothing for me to do. Have I mentioned I love my editor? lol I'm still waiting to hear from Phaze about my submission there, though. They have 3 weeks left on their 120 days submission period before I have reason to be annoyed enough to check on the status. I got an e-mail after the New Year that my story got past the first round of selection, but since then, nada. I really suck at waiting.

Today will be getting stuff done around the house and buckling down to try and get my new novel done. I'm only 7-8 chapters away from the ending and it's almost all plot, but would you think I can concentrate on it? Nope. I'm getting distracted by other stuff and I really have to be strong. It sucks when the other stuff is consuming my dreams, too, though. Plus, I have to finish the book so that I can start my seasonal_spuffy story. I finally know what I'm going to do for that, so it would be nice to start soon. Really.

At least I'm not wishing for next weekend already. That's a sign of improvement, right?

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