Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Thank you!

Today has been such a bounty of surprises that I'm taking my post tonight to thank everyone publicly. :)

For the LJ gifts, hico and shaddyr! I didn't even know these were around until I was surprised with the notices in my mailbox. Thanks to both of you for thinking of me ! *hugs*

To danaid_luv: I got *another* postcard in the mail today! Thank you, darling! There is nothing like seeing James' lovely face looking back at me to brighten my day. And I got the card with the pictures and gift. Craig and I will be taking advantage of it Saturday morning in San Francisco. We're spending Friday night in the city for our Valentines gift to ourselves and it will make a lovely treat in the morning.

To the_royal_anna: Squee!!!! Sam!!!! The tape arrived in today's post and as soon as I get a few moments of peace, I'm going to pop it into the video player to make sure it works. I'm sure it will. And I get to see Sam! Thank you, hon!!!

I'm blessed to have such wonderful people on my flist. It continues to be a delight to know such generous people. *squishes all of you*

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