Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bits and pieces

I'm back. Did you miss me? :)

One of the things on my to do list that I've been getting prepared for is my very first author chat. This Saturday, February 4, Linden Bay is hosting a day on their Yahoo Readers Group to ask me anything you might want and to promote my book, "Chains of Jericho." Anybody who stops by and asks a question is automatically enrolled in my giveaway for the day. There will be 3 prizes:

- a free copy of "Chains of Jericho"
- The Masterpiece Collection from Ghirardelli
- a Strawberry Sensations Gift Set from The Body Shop

You have to be a member of the Linden Bay Readers Yahoo Group in order to post, so if you're not already, just head on over and sign up.

I'll post excerpts from Chains, talk about my upcoming books, and answer questions you might have about the writing process or anything else you want to know. It's going on all day so stop in whenever you can!

Other bits and pieces about my life...

Craig is home in 5 days. He's taking the rest of the week off, in order for his body to get back on American time and to spend time with us. Unfortunately, he has to go to Miami the 13-15th to meet with a client. Thank god we already had our Valentines stuff booked for the 17th.

To everybody who has been so wonderful in leaving feedback lately...THANK YOU! I've been lax in responding to everybody individually, and unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to get caught up. However, starting with tomorrow's post for Diamond Studded Flunkies, I should be back to responding to people. I'm glad you enjoyed my little ficlet. My emotions have been all out of whack the last week, so it was nice to have a place to vent.

Alex has been sick the past couple days. Running a low-grade fever and general blah-ness. He's not really eating, but he's not vomiting or stuff or coughing or anything, so that's probably good. He keeps making me laugh when I don't mean to, though. His general malaise came to my attention when he came up to me, tugged on my arm, and said, "My brain hurts." I know it's his way of saying he has a headache, but I just think it's too darn cute.

Plans for Alicia's birthday party are progressing nicely. Craig ended up inviting some of his friends from work who have kids Alicia has played with, so my guest list of children has swelled to almost 25. That's not including the parents. All in my house. I am certifiable, but hopefully what I have planned will be OK. Alicia didn't want a girly party because she invited so many boys, so we're having a medieval-themed party. This way, the boys can play at being knights and the girls can be princesses if they want. I'm making a castle cake, and I got a cardboard 3d castle that the kids can color and decorate. I also have a dragon pinata, pin the tail on the unicorn (which is kind of fantasy, but oh well), and a few other games picked out as well. I have some of the favors/prizes already, but I really need to get out when Craig gets home next week and get the rest. Plus, I have to hit Costco in order to get the candy. We're taking it easy and ordering pizza for the food, and I'm going to have salad for the grown-ups if they want it, but I've got to finish my list of other foods to go with it.

My day for posting at winter_of_wes is this Friday. I'm going to post it here on my LJ as well. It's a 3-chapter Wesley/Willow PWP that is the kinkiest thing I have ever written. I sent it to Craig when he ran out of movies to watch on his computer, and while those particular kinks aren't necessarily his thing, he said that if I wrote like that, he's going to start planning his retirement, lol. The fantastic itmustbetuesday has created a gorgeous banner for the story, too, that she's going to be sharing. You really need to see it. :)

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