Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Gratitude for A Symphony of Echoes

I started A Symphony of Echoes because I couldn't leave William, and Buffy, and Spike. I never envisioned it would take me over a year to complete, and as _jealousy_ reminded me, it's been nearly two years since I first started posting Legions of True Hearts. That boggles my mind. I never imagined it consuming so much, but there you go. :)

In the beginning, it was just psubrat and I. In fact, she was with me in London at Halloween '04 when I got the idea for the next story after Echoes. I was chastised horribly for plotting that far ahead, but because of her and our brainstorming sessions, I was able to hammer out the story for Echoes first. She was the first person to suggest Wood's inclusion, which exploded into everything with Spenser and Spike at the climax. So my first thank you goes to her.

My second goes to sadbhyl. Unlike Legions, which I pretty much refused to have help with, Echoes had sadbhyl to help keep it in line from the beginning. She's the one who kept me going, betaing each chapter as quickly as I could write them. And she was the one who kept asking, "How many chapters are in this thing?" lol So, thank you, sweet. You know how much I value your opinion and friendship. Thank you, thank you.

And for Spike finally decking Travers? Everybody thank _jealousy_. She's been on my case since he came on the scene in Legions for that to happen, and I finally included it just for her. Her support and dedication throughout these fics was amazing, so I figured she deserved it. Plus, very emotionally satisfying. :)

Finally, thank you to each and every person who ever sent me feedback regarding either story. Being a writer can often be a very lonely thing. We create stories in vacuums, and when we share them with the world, we can only hope for the best. You have no idea what it means to hear that people are reacting to your words, either positively or negatively. Well, some of you do. Some of you are writers, too. :) But my point is...comments/feedback are valuable to us. To me. I treasure each one I get, and for that, for all of you, I will be eternally grateful.

People are asking about my writing plans. First of all, let's get this out there. I'm *not* stopping writing fanfic/Spuffy. I'm signed up for the next round of seasonal_spuffy for starters. What my date ends up being for that will determine what starts getting posted next. The story I really want to do for it requires time to complete, so if I get a late enough date, I'm going to write that. That means that I won't be starting anything else new Spuffywise until it's done. If I don't get a late enough date, I'll figure something else out for that, and start another longer story. I already know which one it will be. :)

Meantime, I'm finishing up Diamond Studded Flunkies. After that, there won't be any more Worldverse stories for a few months at the least. I have other stuff to concentrate on. I also have my winter_of_wes day coming up on the 3rd. So see? Not going anywhere.

As for a sequel to's not going to happen any time in the near future. There are other bunnies that need attention (which doesn't include a Frost sequel as some people have asked), and I'm going to focus on those instead. There *might* be shorter vignettes in this 'verse, but I'm not sure. It's going to depend on time.

If anyone has specific questions they might want to ask, or something they want to see, feel free to say so. I'll answer as best I can. So for now, just remember I love you all. Thank you for making this such a pleasure for me. :)
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