Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Oh my god, I did a meme!

Yeah. I'm bored. I did a meme, which I never do.

But I've seen this around LJ today, so I thought I'd distract myself for a few minutes with it.

10 Ways You Can Tell a Fic Is Written By Eurydice

(in no particular order)

1. It’s long. Very long.
2. It will likely have much of the ensemble.
3. I like original characters. Especially for bad guys. Because I hate to hurt my Buffyverse characters.
4. I prefer shorter scenes within a larger context, utilizing whichever POV will give me the best perspective. My video editing days linger in my writing.
5. Spike will always love Buffy.
6. Twisty plots. I try to keep readers on their toes.
7. Which means lots of cliffhangers.
8. I will always do my damnedest to make sure characters are not bashed. People—even bad guys—always have reasons for what they do. They have motivations. I try to make the reader understand those.
9. Necks are hotspots for me. For everyone. Not just vampires or those who love to fuck them.
10. Sex doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s always better if there’s emotion involved.

I'm sure there's stuff I missed, but this is what I came up with on the first pass.
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