Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

18 more days until Craig gets home.

It could be worse. We chat twice daily usually; there's a 13 1/2 hour time difference (which is just weird having the half hour on it), so I catch him when he gets up and before he goes to bed. He's so bored that he's going to a cricket game tomorrow for something to do. I guess I'm not the only one having a hard time of it. :)

To make up for it, we're going all out for Valentines this year. Usually, we don't fuss. Cards and maybe getting dinner so that I don't have to cook. It's so close to ALicia's birthday that it's not always practical. But this year, because of his prolonged absence, we've decided to have fun and treat ourselves. We've arranged for the kids to spend the night with friends so that we can do it right. We're going to do the dinner/show at Teatro ZinZanni, and then spend the night at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. It's got a sky bar on the 19th floor that is supposed to be amazing, and Craig is eager to see the views. Me, I just want grown-up, one-on-one time with my man. And sex. :)

Watched my DVD of JM's Words and Music today...Maybe it's not such a bad thing that I didn't get to go. I knew the quality of the DVD was single camera, fixed position with no zoom, so I wasn't fussed about that. But I wasn't that impressed with his Lady MacBeth to be honest. Every other line was preceded by this breath thing that got really annoying after awhile. James was good enough, but not getting to see facial expressions was a drawback. As for the concert...I like him better live than recorded. I just have to face it.

Still. At least now I've seen it. I can stop kicking myself about not going.
Tags: craig, james marsters, valentines
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