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Random fic bits

Well, I'm still flying from the contract news. It's messed with my concentration skills, though. I keep bouncing from task to task today, so I've got a lot started and nothing really completed.

I have apologies to make to Echoes readers. You know how I said there were only 2 chapters left? I was wrong. There's 3. There were too many loose ends to put into 1 chapter, so I had to split up the action. HOWEVER, I am doing my damnedest to make sure that I have both of them for posting on Tuesday. One of them is already done, and I have 2000 words on the next one. Odds are in my favor. I hate the idea of people being left hanging after so much stress lately.

I'm late on this, but I also owe all my readers tremendous gratitude. When the Spuffy Awards were announced at the New Year, I was told that I'd won in a couple categories. Because these are voted on by readers, I need to thank each and every one of you who took the time to vote. It never ceases to amaze me that people enjoy my stuff enough to support it in such ways. Thank you!

I'm in the throes of planning my seasonal_spuffy fic. I have something I've been dying to try for a little while, and while it's not the lighter fare I had planned to do after Echoes was complete, I think it is going to be tremendous fun. What this means, though, is that I won't start posting another Spuffy story right away. I asked to be scheduled as late as possible, and if I get that, I'm going to work on this idea instead which means I can't post anything until my assigne day. And since I want it to be 9 or 10 chapters---long ones, with some graphics, if I can get the help---I have to concentrate on that instead of something else. I hope nobody's too disappointed. Of course, this goes out the window if I don't get the late date. If I get the earlier window, there's no way I'll get everything done in time and I'll have to write something else instead.

I've received assurances, too, that my contribution for winter_of_wes doesn't suck. That's coming up on February 3, and is a Wesley/Willow PWP, so I'll keep people updated when that happens.

Finally, pimping! Vampire Kisses Awards wants to go out with a bang! vampkiss has decided to close VK down after the next round, so the current round is the very last time you can nominate your favorite Spuffy fics over there (next round is going to be another Best of the Best round). So head on over and give a writer a thrill. You have no idea what it does to some writers, getting that e-mail in your box saying someone has taken time out of their day to nominate something you've written. Sometimes, it's even better than feedback. :) So, go. Do it. You know you wanna...
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