Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Thank you!

In the midst of feeling like death warmed over, I owe huge thank yous to some wonderful people for thinking of me this Christmas:

arymetore: Your package arrived today, and I've put the gifts under the tree. I'm dying to show Craig the invitation; I can't believe all the work you've put into it! It's beautiful! My only regret is that the wedding happens while Craig is in India so I can't surprise you and show up. But still, I'm hugely grateful that you thought to invite me.

_jealousy_: The card and gift arrived today, thank you! And you're far too hard on yourself; I'm just thrilled to be able to count you as a friend. :)

uisge_beatha: Now that I know it was from you, thank you for the LJ Gift certificate!

rockgoddes: Squee! Something to put under the tree, thank you! Part of the reason 2005 was such a good one was because of you, hon. Thank you for thinking of me.

And to josephine_64 and irishrose1, thank you so much for the wonderful cards.

*squishes all of you*
Tags: thanks

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