Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My night of fun has been squashed. Craig is currently curled up on the couch, trying not to pass out from his massive headache. He's not sure if it's not enough caffeine today, a sinus thing, or something related to the cold he's been fighting. He doesn't really care at this point. He just wants the damn thing gone.

So, now I'm all bored on my laptop because he's watching Backdraft which I have no interest in watching. I should probably update LLGA, and I have the last half of my last chapter of my book to write, but frankly, my brain stops working so well writingwise after 8pm. I do my best and quickest work in the morning and early afternoon, so writing's probably a no-go. And I'm all caught up on my LLGA and VK reading so there's not even that.


This is one of those times I wish we had a gaming PC in the house. My laptop sucks for games, and frankly, the one I want to play is the one I already picked out and told Craig to give me at Christmastime *eyeballs game placed higher than I can reach*. Maybe I'll try writing anyway. There's nothing else to do around here...*wanders off, bored*

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