Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm *so* tired. I should really be in bed. Alex woke us up at a godawful hour this morning when we didn't get to bed until late, and I'm really feeling the effects of it right now. My jumbo cup of coffee and subsequent glass of Mountain Dew just aren't doing the trick.

Of course, I'm probably immune to caffeine's effects now anyway. I know if I opened my veins, they'd bleed Diet Mountain Dew. :P

Busy day today, busier day tomorrow. In preparation for decorating on Friday, we're doing a blitz on the house tomorrow so I don't have to worry about it later this week. I can just do daily tidying, a quick dust/hoover on Friday morning, and then decorate my little heart out. Craig's got Wednesday off because Alicia's off from school, so that will make my Thanksgiving prep easier. I already braved the stores and got everything I needed. Craig's only comment was that there's only the 4 of us for dinner and I'm cooking enough for 10. It's not entirely true. I'm only doing 1 pie. I just have lots of savory dishes. The rest of it is going to be leftovers for the weekend. :)

But as soon as I get past Thanksgiving, then I have to plan for Alex's birthday party. We're having a get-together on the 10th instead of the 14th so that we can have a little more distance from Christmas. Nothing big, about a dozen people plus us. Should be fun if I can just get the planning organized. Then again, that *is* the fun part. :)

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