Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A day in the life

I took Alicia to the doctor today, who prescribed a salve to keep the burn from getting infected. Most of it is just first degree, but there's a portion in the middle, about an inch long, that has just started to blister, so it's been categorized as a second degree burn. Alicia also got 2 more shots---the same shots I've been arguing with the school district about. Craig told me I was way overreacting and just to get the shots and stop fighting. I decided this wasn't a battle I wanted to keep waging. The shots won.

I decided last weekend I was tired of worrying about my roots for awhile, and went out and picked up a new color, something closer to my natural dark brown so that I could just cover my gray. Well, today I used it, and it's a *lot* darker than I expected. Craig says it's only a shade off what I used to have, and that I look more like my baby sister than ever before. I think I'm just not used to seeing it so dark. I've decided that I like it, but it makes me look a lot different than having the red. Of course, part of why I might like it is that I totally got hit on by this really good-looking older gentleman at Starbucks today. I'm a sucker for positive attention. :)

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