Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Thursday night television

I liked it. One of the better episodes this season, I thought, even if there was Lana in it. But we got to see Clark strangle her which is good, and we got to see Lex be all oogly for her which is even better. It was hardly subtle, but then SV never is.

I have to admit to loving the look on Fine's face right before knocking Clark on his ass. And Clark's line about people from Krypton continually showing up in his life was hysterical. What I love about James' performance is that it just doesn't seem black and white to me. He layers Fine's disgust with the human race with a regret that's almost palpable. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of this.

You know, Donald has gotten trigger happy with the firing, I think. It's getting to the point where I wonder why he's bothering with the preliminary interview process at all. Just line them the original candidates up at the beginning and let him go bang!bang!bang! down the line until he just has the ones he really wants. :)

Personally, I think Alla and Randal will be the final two. I don't like Alla, but I have to admit she's really worked her ass off on everything so far. And sorry, kantayra, but I have to admit to a certain begrudging respect for Rebecca. She stepped up to the plate when Marshawn flaked out and saved a bad situation from getting worse.

As for other TV news...DUDE! They cancelled Arrested Development?!? I must weep copiously. I'm so disappointed, though at least I'll have 3 seasons to have on DVD. *sigh*
Tags: apprentice, smallville, tv

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