Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm not a fan of Halloween. Never really have been. I suck at coming up with costumes, and I've never really gotten the whole point of it. Christmas, on the other hand, is my holiday. I love having an excuse to buy things for people. I love the food, the festivities. I have a slight tendency to go overboard.

So, I am anxiously waiting to get past tomorrow. It's costume day at Alicia's school, then there's trick-or-treating among the small shops in town, and then trick-or-treating at night. I'm making Craig come home at lunch time so that he can take the kids out. That leaves me here to dish out candy.

Then, on Tuesday, I get to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. :D I did promise Craig that I wouldn't drag out any of the Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving. The kids have never seen the American classics, so it'll be fun to share those with them this year. And it's our first Christmas that's just for us. Craig's parents aren't coming this year, and it's very unlikely any of my family is going to come though they've been invited. Just us. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll probably drive people crazy on LJ talking about my plans/recipes and the like. :)

Once I get past Halloween. Oi.
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