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It's a 3-day weekend for us as Alicia's school is closed for parent/teacher conferences and Craig has the last days of his vacation. However, we're travelled out, so we're just going to go to the zoo this morning and maybe a little bit of shopping this weekend. Nothing major. I just want to be around my house for a bit.

Helen, my sister-in-law, left me the most brilliant product. I've never seen it over here, but then again, I've never looked for anything like it. It's an anti-blister stick that you rub over your feet when you're in danger of getting blisters. I'd worn my favorite sandals last weekend on our day of heavy walking, and for some reason, they were starting to hurt the arches of my feet. She pulled out this tiny stick---it looks like a miniature deodorant, just a tad bigger than my Listerine mint strips---and said it was a new product back home. I rubbed it on, and voila! My feet were perfectly fine and I didn't blister, even though we did a ton more walking afterward. She left me her stick, and she's going to send me more when she gets back if she can find it. Apparently, places sold out of this stuff so fast that most people she knew couldn't even find one. For good reason. This stuff is amazing.

So, we watched Smallville last night. I'd had some trepidation seeing the preliminary reports on LJ, and while the guy playing Aquaman was most definitely of the actor pretty category as opposed to the actor talented one, I didn't think it was any more or less awful than some stuff I saw in S4. It was the usual obvious scripting so I didn't have complaints with that. And any show where Lana isn't on a lot is always good. I much prefer Lois; I think the actress is far more interesting to watch, and she actually has a personality. Granted, the gratuitous bikini shots made me hate her for being so damn beautiful, but hey, I'll live with that. She's spunky. I like spunky.

As for James...pretty much what I expected, though I have to admit, I think half the reason he was excited about the part is that he's getting paid to preach tenets that he's passionate about offscreen. He could've been standing in front of an audience at one of the cons, off on one of his tangents, as far as I was concerned. It'll be interesting to see where he takes the character as the season progresses.

And I'll probably get criticized for this, but I kind of hope nothing does happen with the Spike movie. Not that I don't adore Spike and would love to have more, but watching Smallville last night just cements that James really is too old now to plausibly play the part as a vampire. He looked great, don't get me wrong, but he's looking much more his age than ever before. It's just not appropriate for Spike. I'd rather have what I already have with the DVD's than have my illusions shattered by an installment that doesn't 100% work.

Yes, The Apprentice is one of my guilty pleasures. It appeals to the competitor in me and I giggle hysterically at how stupid some of these people can be. I missed the first season, but I watched the last two, and I've been watching this one since it started. I'm finding some of the personalities a little forgettable this time around, especially with the guys, but it's still early. I do have some opinions, though. I adore Randal, Clay sounds just like Bernard from Boston Legal which makes me giggle like a madwoman every time he speaks, and I think Alla is the strongest female contender I've seen on the show yet. That being said, I'm *so* glad Kristi is gone. She was a bitch to watch, and yeah, probably really hard-working from what we've seen, but if I had to listen to her bossy meanness one more week, I would've cut off my ears.
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