Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, the BIL/SIL are gone and we're back home from the airport from dropping them off. My house seems so quiet, though it's going to be nice to get routine back. It seems like I'm always saying that. One of these days I'm going to realize I can't predict anything and just go with the flow. Ha. Right. Not going to happen.

Like with writing. I have this one fic that I've been stewing for a month now, teasing a couple people at Phauxcon with some of the ideas. It was supposed to be my recuperative fic for all my angst that I've been writing. Well, I wrote the first chapter and decided it completely wasn't what I wanted. No big. That just means coming up with a new opening. Except in the interim, I've been bitten by a new original fic bug---the characters had told me their names before I could blink---which I slammed out the first chapter on yesterday (without a title, just ask sadbhyl how huge it is for me to start writing without having a title), and then another title won't leave me alone. It's demanding I find its story. It's *very* frustrating.

Ah well. We shall see what time will tell.

Oh, and for the JM fans on my list who might not have already seen this: James Marsters Interview. It's a phone interview done for the radio, very recently, though I'm not sure when. Thanks to evenstar_estel for bringing it to my attention!
Tags: james marsters, writing

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