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Alicia's school is going to drive me crazy.

After all my hassles with her immunization records getting her enrolled (twice I had to argue with them), I got a letter today---with copies of the files they have---stating that she *still* didn't meet requirements. They're saying she needs another polio shot and another DPT.

The polio shot is completely wrong. According to the law she needs 4 doses at any age, which she has *and it's right there on the copied form they sent me.* For the DPT, she can either have 5 doses at any age, or 4 as long as one is after her 4th birthday. Alicia has 4, but the 4th was just a few months shy of her 4th birthday because it was decided not to traumatize her by dragging everything out. They just gave her everything at once.

I'm *so* tempted to sign the exemption form. They say I can as long as it's based on personal beliefs, but I'm not sure that they'd let me based on the fact that I think their pedantic needs are overkill. Her immunizations are fine for the UK, so that's good enough for me. I have a feeling she's going to have to get a another DPT, though, because they're going to be stupid.

Arg. You know, I really didn't need this today. I *hate* dealing with stupid people.
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