Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Busy day, but not for any of the reasons that I'd originally planned.

Craig's brother and his wife arrive from the UK on Monday for a two-week visit. We have to get the house in order for that to happen, including straightening the playroom which serves as our guest room. Did any of that happen today? No, of course not.

Instead, we took the kids to the first showing of Wallace and Gromit, which they've been dying to see, out to lunch, and then a few hours of shopping afterward. The kids enjoyed W&G, but not as much as we did, I don't think. It's just far too clever for them to get all the in-jokes, especially all the renaming that if you blink you miss. (Like Smeg becoming Smug, and Bosch becoming Botch, lol.) There were a couple points in the film where Craig was the only person in the theater laughing, because, of course, it was to British references that even I didn't get. The first thing he said when we walked out of the theater was that we have to buy it on DVD. He loved it that much.

Then, it was off to Barnes & Noble so that he could get the new Terry Pratchett book and some stuff for work. I spent my time at Old Navy next door, and picked up a few pairs of pants and Alicia's winter coat. I loved the jeans on the hanger, but unfortunately, they ride just a *wee* bit too low for my comfort level so I'm going to take them back. They're fine in the front, but showing butt crack at my age is probably not too appropriate. ;)

Tomorrow we're staying in so that we can actual stuff done. At some point, I have to get some writing done, too, though I finally got my hero and heroine into a position where the sex can finally start. It only took me another 1300 words, lol. Of course, he's still talking, so who knows how much longer it'll take. ;)

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