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Well, damn.

So, I've been working on this short that I want to submit for a contest, right? Where I was when I got up this morning had me primed for getting well into the smut that's pretty much a requirement. The word guideline is 15,000 words, and I was at 5300, so I figured I had lots of space for smut.


As of right now, at 7:45 pm, I've written just over 3200 more words on this story, putting me at just over 8500, and would you believe it but he hasn't even *touched* her yet? And there's only been one kiss! OK, yes, she's naked and lying in front of him, but there's this whole body painting thing that has to happen before they actually have sex.

Something tells me this story isn't going to fit their guidelines.

I'll submit it anyway, because I need this as an exercise, but part of me is almost hoping that it doesn't come anywhere close to winning. I can expand it then. I'm liking these characters more and more as I write them so it would be nice to make this just a little bit longer.


My brain is fried. I'm putting the OF aside and working on Echoes instead while I watch Smallville and The Apprentice. At least I've finally finished all the reading for LLGA this round. That's one thing off my list. :)
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