Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Productive day. Got a ton of writing done, started the outlining for the new Spuffy fic (sorry, sadbhyl, I know I should've waited, I'm bad!), made chocolate chip muffins with the kids, tackled the garage to make up for not doing anything yesterday, and am now sitting on the couch doing some LLGA reading while Craig watches Stargate Atlantis. Not really my show so it's easy to tune out. I already had my TV fix for the night with Arrested Development.

I so freakin' love this show. All the in jokes---Ron Howard's comment about not messing with Andy Griffith, Michael's casual comment to his dad that he's a regular Brad Garrett---and everything else just tickles me to no end. And Scott Baio's going to be on it next week! How hysterical is that going to be?!? The only bad thing was hearing the Americans slaughtering the English accents. They sound more Australian than British, which is kind of a shame.

We didn't watch either Kitchen Confidential or How I Met Your Mother, but then again, didn't really feel the tremendous urge to after watching the premieres last week. They were OK, but not anything that excites me. Not like thinking that tomorrow night is House and the season premiere of Boston Legal.
Tags: arrested development, tv

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