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LLGA questions

I know this is a little early to be considering, but the events of late have gotten me thinking about LLGA and its future. For a while there, I considered calling it quits after this year's end of year awards were announced, but I've since decided to keep it around for another year. The number of fics that still get nominated each round indicates that people are still interested in Spuffy, and I just really like the idea of having a constant list of fics that people can come and browse through for new reading material.

However, LLGA will probably undergo some changes in regards to categories. The William category is getting dropped for next year most definitely; there aren't enough fics out there to merit having another year of it. The same fics would just get nominated over and over again. I'd also really like to split up the Romance category in some way as it's *always* the largest category; I've just never hit upon a plan that I liked.

So, I'm conducting a poll. If you have thoughts on the matter, please feel free to share them. It doesn't have to be about categories; it could be about any part of the site. All I ask is that you be constructive. The poll, however, is specifically about categories.

Poll #573446 LLGA Category Changes

What categories would you like to see added to LLGA?

Best Ensemble
Best Alternate Reality (like The Wish)
Best Plot
Best Villain
Best Drabble/Ficlet
Best Shanshu
Other (please specify in comments)

The Best Romance category always has a lot of nominees, but I've never been able to figure out how to break it up. How would you break it up, or would you leave it like it is?

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